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The Jack

The Jack is a Magic type item in Mutilate a Doll 2, Resembling a sceptre. It is an unusual item, as it can morph an existing item into another item when in contact. All items, even the Ragdoll's Bodyparts can be morphed.


  • It is another reference to The Elder Scrolls series. There is a Daedric Artifact called "Wabbajack", that can transform creatures into another creature.
  • It may take a few hits for The Jack to transform an item.
  • The items The Jack makes will always be smaller, to a scale of 25%, and will always get smaller.
  • This particular item was the reason for the unplanned early announcement of the Future Pack, in which user csubakka5 spawned either a Future AR or a Future SMG, last November 2013.