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The Low-spirited Trombone is an item found in the Trombones category.


Like all other trombones, it looks and acts exactly the same because this and all other trombones do the sad trombone sound effect. The only difference is that this item has the first word being a pejorative vocabulary. This and all of the other trombones (except the Sad Trombone are solely created for the purpose of being an April Fool's joke in 2018, thus they were all removed the day after (except the Sad Trombone).

Austere TromboneBad TromboneBereaved TromboneBitter TromboneBleak TromboneBlue TromboneCalamitious TromboneCheerless TromboneDark TromboneDaunting TromboneDejected TromboneDejecting TromboneDeplorable TromboneDepressing TromboneDespairing TromboneDespondent TromboneDisastrous TromboneDiscomposing TromboneDisconsolate TromboneDiscouraging TromboneDisheartning TromboneDismal TromboneDispiriing TromboneDistressed TromboneDoleful TromboneDown TromboneenobmorT daSEven sadder TromboneForlorn TromboneFunereal TromboneGloomier TromboneGloomiest TromboneGloomy TromboneGlum TromboneGrave TromboneGrief-stricken TromboneHapless TromboneHeart-rending TromboneHeartbroken TromboneHeartsick TromboneHeavyhearted TromboneHurting TromboneIncredibly sad TromboneJoyless TromboneLachrymose TromboneLamentable TromboneLanguishing TromboneLike, so, sad TromboneLow TromboneLow-spirited TromboneLuguribus TromboneMelancholic TromboneMelancholy TromboneMiserable TromboneMorbid TromboneMorose TromboneMost saddest TromboneMournful TromboneMoving TromboneNot Happy TromboneOppresive TrombonePathetic TrombonePensive TrombonePessimistic TrombonePitiable TrombonePitiful TrombonePoignant TromboneRegrettable TromboneSad Trombone 2Sad Trombone 3: The CashSad Trombone REBORNSad TromboneSaddening TromboneSadder TromboneSaddest TromboneSerious TromboneShaddy TromboneSick-at-heart TromboneSomber TromboneSorrowful TromboneSorry TromboneSuper sad TromboneTear-jerking TromboneTearful TromboneThe Last TromboneTragic TromboneTroubled TromboneUnhappy TromboneUnsatisfactory TromboneUpsetting TromboneVery Sad TromboneWeeping TromboneWhaa TromboneWhiny TromboneWistful TromboneWoebegone TromboneWreteched Trombone