Effect Keys (or Keys for short) are colored keyswordss that can unlock Effect Chests. They are used to unlock particle effects that can be used for various things.

Obtaining Keys

Upon hitting the "PLAY" button, a window will appear containing 2 options, one will be to watch an advertisement to obtain 7 keys, and the other will be to

Effect Keys can be seen unlocking the chest or flying into the left-hand side menu. They can also be spawned via Console (pressing the Home button) and typing the following:

spawn shinykey (x coordinate) (y coordinate)


Like above, it can unlock a Effect Chest and give you a selected effect. When you run out of them, you can watch a random ad to appreciate the game itself, and you get some keys.

Please note that refreshing your browser will re-lock every effect, as the game would require a back-end server otherwise. Keep this in mind when refreshing or closing the game.


  • The key and the chest spawned will be coloured as the same chest you unlocked before.
  • If you haven't unlock any, both key and chest will be coloured black and grey, with the chest having a white square instead of any particle.
  • Spawned "Keys" cannot open Effect Chests, and can not be saved and puplished.
  • When you obtain keys through advertisements, you can hold onto the keys in-game for a short while.
  • It is possible for a Munitions Crate to spawn an actual effect key in game.

More to be added