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Mutilate A Doll 2 - Buff Doll - How to Summon him

Mutilate A Doll 2 - Buff Doll - How to Summon him

A buffdoll

A buffdoll standing.

The original Buffdoll was added as an "April Fools" , due to the fact it was added on April 1st, 2016. It was based off Siersciuch's fanart, Ragaouku.

Original Buffdoll

The original buffdoll was considerably stronger than the average ragdoll, it also had "Advanced AI"/"Magnet Hands", allowing it to grab anything in its reach. It could also deflect bullets and had regenerative abilities, being able to return to full heath within a few seconds.

(Side note: This made it harder to kill it with blunt weaponry, as the Buffdoll just grabbed it. Also, it is very hard to kill with regular and "harmless" firearms, unless if you aim for it's head.)

New Buffdoll

The new Buffdoll is summoned through an Easter egg (Seen right).

It has the same model as the old, but the AI, regeneration and bullet deflection mentioned previously have all been removed.

How to Spawn Buffdoll

To spawn Buffdoll, there are multiple steps:

  1. You need to light up the Candlestick with a Memorial Tombstone.
  2. Type in your keyboard "Buffdoll" 4 times.
  3. Buffdoll is spawned, enjoy.

Also note that the Ragdoll should be near the Memorial Tombstone and the Candlestick. Also, when typing 'buffdoll', spacebars are not essential to type, nor are cap-locked letters.


  • Original Buffdoll parts can be obtained with Munitions Crate. They retain the AI.
  • Multiple Buffdolls can be spawned with the Easter egg.
  • Apparently, it says a Keyboard comes from thin air, which is also mentioned by a Speaker Drone